‘I’ve always dreamed of working somewhere with a bar actually in the building. We don’t abuse it or even over-use it but it’s nice to have somewhere to have friends drop in at the end of a day.’
‘I was looking at serviced offices for ages and they were all pretty ugly with lots of hidden costs for printing, wi-fi access etc. Here, you pay your £350 and that’s your lot. It’s quite important for me to know that’s all I have to pay.’
‘I’m quite new to London so the ability to hook up with a great bunch of guys in creative industries straight away was invaluable to me and my work. The nearness of the pubs of Soho has also increased my quality of life.’
‘I work in design so it’s important for my clients to see that I work in a stylish environment with creative looking people. The Soho Collective is beautifully stylish without losing any of its friendliness.’
‘One thing I love about The Soho Collective is that it’s not corporate. It’s professional but not boring or authoritarian. Everyone there just really enjoys being there which makes an incredible difference.’Bob

Work with us!

We're a coworking space, light-crunched, newly kitted out in a very stylish way with great views right down Old Compton Street. Plus a brilliant place to network. You can work here by the hour, by the day and by the month.

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Where are we?

You couldn’t find a better location in London. Right slap bang in the heart of the West End.

Zipcar Included

We are now very pleased to offer membership of Zipcar with our Platinum package.

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